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Paul Newman

SCREEN GEM: Nobody's Fool (1994)

Paul Newman, Nobody's Fool | OLD 'FOOL' Newman ages gracefully
Image credit: Everett Collection
OLD 'FOOL' Newman ages gracefully

''Nobody's Fool'' is a past gem from Oscar nominee Paul Newman

COSTARS Jessica Tandy, Bruce Willis, Melanie Griffith, Dylan Walsh

PREMISE Sully (Newman), a crusty handyman, helps his landlady (Tandy, in her last role), antagonizes his boss (Willis), flirts with the boss' wife (Griffith), and reconnects with his estranged son (Walsh), all without undergoing the traditional Hollywood learning/growth experience.

FUN FACT Willis declined a screen credit in deference to Newman, so as ''not to mislead the audience into thinking this was a Bruce Willis movie.''

WHY IT'S GREAT Newman gives the fullest performance of his late career as a man who has squandered most of his life but survives through sheer spite and -- because he's played by Newman -- charisma.

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