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Christopher Walken

SCREEN GEM: At Close Range (1986)

Sean Penn, Christopher Walken, ... | FEAR OLD DAD Walken shows Penn tough love
Image credit: At Close Range: Everett Collection
FEAR OLD DAD Walken shows Penn tough love

''At Close Range'' is a past gem from Oscar nominee Christopher Walken

COSTARS Sean Penn, Chris Penn, Mary Stuart Masterson

PREMISE You think Walken's con man dad in ''Catch Me'' was a bad influence? He's got nothing on Brad Whitewood Sr. (Walken), who recruits his son (Sean Penn) into his crew of thieves -- and then prepares to whack him when he fears the youth will squeal to the Feds.

FUN FACT ''Range'' is the only movie in which Sean Penn has costarred with his brother Chris, who plays his onscreen brother. (Their real-life mother, Eileen Ryan, plays their on-screen grandmother.)

WHY IT'S GREAT Of all the psychos in Walken's rogues gallery, this one may be the scariest.

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