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J. Lo pairs with Richard Gere in remake. She's negotiating to play his dance instructor in a redo of a Japanese film

Jennifer Lopez | BUT WHO WILL LEAD? Lopez and Gere will ''Dance''
Image credit: Jennifer Lopez: UGL/UPPA/ZUMA Press/NewsCom
BUT WHO WILL LEAD? Lopez and Gere will ''Dance''

After hoofing it like a pro in ''Chicago,'' Richard Gere is about to play a nebbish who can't dance at all -- until he gets some help from none other than Jennifer Lopez. The two plan to star in ''Shall We Dance?'' a remake of the Japanese film about a salary man who takes dance lessons to impress a comely teacher, according to Variety – which says Lopez is still negotiating her role.

Peter Chelsom, who helmed the John Cusack comedy ''Serendipity,'' will direct, Variety reported. If the film follows its overseas counterpart, Gere and J.Lo won't have any love scenes together. Instead of hooking up with the dance instructor, the character is supposed to find new love for his wife after brightening his life by learning to dance. But come on, this is J.Lo.

Originally posted Mar 13, 2003

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