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From Jinx to Minx

Halle Berry is offered Catwoman role. She'd shoot the ''Batman'' spinoff this fall

Halle Berry | ME-OW? Will Berry play Catwoman?
Image credit: Halle Berry: Frank Micelotta/Getty Images/NewsCom
ME-OW? Will Berry play Catwoman?

After a decade, Warner Bros. may at last have found a performer to fill a long-vacant lead role in a dormant comic-book franchise. No, not Superman. It's Catwoman, and according to Variety, the studio has offered the role to Halle Berry. If she accepts, she'd shoot the movie this fall, under the direction of single-monickered French helmer Pitof. It'd be the first screen appearance for the character since Michelle Pfeiffer played the feline femme fatale in ''Batman Returns'' in 1992.

Ashley Judd had been attached to the project for years, but last month, she used an escape claws in her contract to play another feline role, Maggie the Cat, in an upcoming Broadway revival of Tennessee Williams' ''Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.'' According to the Hollywood Reporter, Warners then offered the role to Nicole Kidman, but she, too, apparently passed.

The busy Berry, who has another comic-book project, the ''X-Men'' sequel, opening in May, is due to shoot the thriller ''Gothika'' this spring with Robert Downey Jr. and Penélope Cruz. She's attached to several other projects as well, including a possible spinoff for her Jinx character from last fall's James Bond adventure, ''Die Another Day.''

Originally posted Mar 14, 2003

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