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'Hot' Shot

Howard Stern sues over ''Are You Hot.'' He accuses ABC and the show's producers of ripping off ideas from his show

Hey, Lorenzo Lamas -- Howard Stern would like his laser pointer back. Stern has filed suit against the producer of ''Are You Hot?'' and ABC, alleging that the how-low-can-you-go reality series ripped off ideas from his radio show, according to the Associated Press. The suit claims that the ''Are You Hot?'' appropriated both its laser-pointer gimmick and vicious body-critiquing style from Stern, AP reported (a spokesperson for ABC had no comment).

The suit also reportedly says that Stern had been in talks to start a new TV series spun off from his show, but that those discussions ceased after ''Are You Hot?'' started. Former Stern writer and sidekick Jackie ''The Jokeman'' Martling happens to be a consultant on ''Are You Hot?,'' according to AP. Meanwhile, Stern's attorney in the matter is Marty Singer -- the same lawyer who's suing HBO on behalf of raise-seeking ''Sopranos'' star James Gandolfini.

Originally posted Mar 14, 2003

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