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And the winner of this year's AFI award is...Sing the Sorrow. The San Francisco Goth-punk band can boo-hoo all the way to the bank, with its first major-label album racking up 96,000 units for a No. 5 bow. In at No. 10, OutKast protege Killer Mike had the second-best entry, unleashing 80,000 Monsters upon the hip-hop landscape. The Blackstreet boys made a modest return, selling 53,000 for a No. 14 debut. The top spot still belongs to 50 Cent, who can lick his wounds with another 279,000 tallied. The week's most controversial act, the Dixie Chicks (see page 7), didn't suffer much in sales, falling from 146,000 to 124,000 in units, while actually rising two notches to No. 4.

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