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Queen Latifah and Catherine Zeta-Jones had a memorable Oscar moment

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Queen Latifah, Catherine Zeta-Jones, ... | ALL THAT SASS Zeta-Jones and Latifah moved on
ALL THAT SASS Zeta-Jones and Latifah moved on
The ''Chicago'' duo's rendition of  ''I Move On'' would have been impressive enough if the pair had simply made it to the end of the number. Catherine Zeta-Jones looked like she may have been on the verge of delivering her baby on stage, while Queen Latifah, who stepped in for Renée Zellweger on short notice (because Zellweger didn't want to perform live), is better known for her rapping than her singing. But the two not only made it through the number intact, they belted it out of the park. Still, it's probably good that there were 16 dancers on stage, so that they didn't have to hoof it themselves.
Originally posted Mar 23, 2003

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