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In Tinseltown, you're only as good as your next project. Here's how Renee, Catherine, Adrien, and other Oscar nominees plan to stay on top

Down With Love, Ewan McGregor, ...
Image credit: Down with Love: Douglas Kirkland
Adam Sandler, Jack Nicholson, ... | UNDER NEW 'MANAGEMENT' Nicholson works out Sandler's ''Anger'' issues
Image credit: Anger Management: Sidney Baldwin
UNDER NEW 'MANAGEMENT' Nicholson works out Sandler's ''Anger'' issues

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After his downbeat performance in ''About Schmidt,'' Jack Nicholson goes back to being Jack in ''Anger Management'' (April 11), playing Adam Sandler's unconventional therapist. Love is also in the air: Nicholson falls for Diane Keaton in an untitled Nancy Meyers comedy shooting this summer.... While he's waiting for New Line to nail down the release of his long-delayed ''Secondhand Lions'' with Haley Joel Osment, Sir Michael Caine will portray a former Nazi executioner in Norman Jewison's thriller ''The Statement.'' He also joined fellow knight Sir Michael Gambon (a.k.a. the new Albus Dumbledore) in the recently wrapped ''The Actors''.... Lucky for us, Daniel Day-Lewis won't follow ''Gangs of New York'' with another cobbling stint. He'll star in ''Rose and the Snake,'' a drama written and directed by his wife, Rebecca Miller (''Personal Velocity''), set to go into production this summer.... Adrien Brody hasn't picked his next project, but will be seen as a gangster in the remake of the BBC miniseries ''The Singing Detective,'' starring Robert Downey Jr. (fall 2003).... Finally, Nicolas Cage stars as a con-artist mentor to Sam Rockwell's aspiring swindler in Ridley Scott's dark comedy ''Matchstick Men'' (Aug. 8).
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