The Big Night

Oscar Stopwatch

From Ernest Borgnine to ''All That Jazz'' -- a minute-by-minute recap

0:01 The broadcast opens with a montage of memorable lines from previous Best Picture winners. Gladiator's contribution: ''Cling! Clang! Sheeth!''

0:08 Host Steve Martin makes the first of the evening's nearly 2,000 ''Halle Berry is hot'' jokes.

0:15 Martin unveils a Brady Bunch-esque grid of all the audience members he's slept with. Snaring the coveted center square: an unnervingly grinny Ernest Borgnine.

0:30 Best Art Direction winners John Myhre and Gord Sim make the inaugural jog through Chicago's densely packed, smooch-intensive throng, led by an easily excitable Richard Gere.

0:33 Bosomy buddies Catherine Zeta-Jones and Queen Latifah perform the Chicago duet ''I Move On.''

0:40 During a commercial break, Peter Jennings delivers a sobering update on the war.

0:43 Mickey Mouse appears on stage, much to the chagrin of a similarly bespectacled Martin Scorsese.

1:07 Best Supporting Actress nominee Zeta-Jones wins...

1:08 ...and wins again, thanks to the apparently TiVo-inspired ''Sounds of Oscar'' instant replay.

1:14 A shiny-faced, nonplussed Ben Affleck shrugs off Martin's quip about J. Lo's nips.

1:49 Just seconds after heralding Michael Moore with a standing ovation, many of the show's A-list stars look on in shock and awe as the director decries the ''fictitious'' President Bush.

1:54 Conrad W. Hall raises the Best Cinematography Oscar to the sky, in honor of his late father, Conrad L. Hall.

1:58 In the ''Oscar Winners Talk About What It's Like Being Oscar Winners'' montage, Tommy Lee Jones creepily rasps ''Happy 75th anniversary, little dude'' to his Fugitive statue.

2:11 Dudley Moore wins the ''Death Montage Applause-o-Meter'' during the ''In Memoriam'' presentation.

2:18 Best Actor presenter Halle Berry takes the stage. We hear she's hot.

2:21 After his name is called for the Best Actor award, a stunned Adrien Brody appears to stammer ''Holy shit.'' Meanwhile, a still-in-character Daniel Day-Lewis can only manage an ''Aye, shite.''

2:31 Eminem wins Best Original Song for 8 Mile's ''Lose Yourself.'' The statue is happily accepted by Doug Henning's basketball-playing younger brother.

2:32 A bored-looking Cameron Diaz regresses into adolescence, smacking her gum and playing with her hair.

2:37 Peter O'Toole carefully inspects his honorary Oscar to make sure it's not actually a wine decanter.

2:57 More than 50 previous Oscar winners are paraded out on stage. Shark-flick fans rejoice as Louis Gossett Jr. (Jaws 3-D) and Michael Caine (Jaws: The Revenge) make a rare joint public appearance.

3:23 Perennial snubee Martin Scorsese is the first to stand and applaud for Best Director winner Roman Polanski.

3:27 Chicago wins Best Picture, and a weary nation sighs in relief, confident that it will never have to hear the orchestra's overly brassy rendition of ''All That Jazz'' again.

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