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Details Opening Date: Aug 27, 2012; Lead Performances: Christopher Bowen, Michael Dahlen and Randall Jaynes; Directors: Christopher Bowen, Michael Dahlen, Randall Jaynes; Genre: Special Event

When these monochromed madmen brought their drums, paint balls, and projectile cream filling to the Luxor three years ago, critics wondered how an act predicated on art-world in-jokes would go over in a town built on machines that go ka-ching. It turns out that slapping a $4,000 price tag on a regurgitated marshmallow sculpture goes over even better with outsiders, especially the kind that understand the value of a quarter. Is a deadpan Blue Man chainsawing a Twinkie and vacuuming up the mess funny because it ridicules our penchant for whipping out our biggest guns at every opportunity? Or because vacuumed Twinkies go thwack? That depends on whether you're seated in the thinking or nonthinking section. And yeah, they still have both in Nevada. (The Luxor, 800-557-7428)

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