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WHAT'S ROCKING OUR WORLD DJ Spooky is the rare spinner who can balance high-minded experimentalism and rump-shaking boogie, as evidenced by last year's Optometry. On his latest, DUBTOMETRY (Thirsty Ear), he collaborates with proven winners like Lee ''Scratch'' Perry and Mad Professor on remixes of Optometry tracks and continues to sonically challenge without straying from the groove. Each cut is astonishingly fresh, as the deck master skips from orchestral arrangements to drum-and-bass to jazz riffing. Things veer toward the dull when guest rappers force the DJ to adhere to more stolid song structures (''Optometrix,'' with J-Live). But when he gets free rein, as on ''Variation Cybernetique rmx,'' which is alternately driven by swooning violins and percussive pianos, the results are downright Spooky.

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