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FAR FROM HEAVEN Julianne Moore (Universal, PG-13) A Todd Haynes' colorful masterpiece depicts the sad plight of a housewife in 1950s Connecticut.

WEST SIDE STORY: DVD COLLECTOR'S SET Natalie Wood A (MGM, unrated, DVD) These gangs of New York manage to sing and dance while they fight.

SECRETARY Maggie Gyllenhaal (Lions Gate, R) Gyllenhaal A- shines as a sexually enlightened wallflower in a romance with a touch of kink.


DRUMLINE (Fox, PG-13) After scoring the lead in a Southern university marching band, Nickelodeon fave Nick Cannon tries to make being a band geek cool.

EVELYN (MGM, PG) Pierce Brosnan sheds his spy alter ego to play a desperate father who challenges the Irish courts for custody of his children.

FAMILY GUY VOLUME ONE DVD COLLECTION (Fox, unrated, DVD) Once again DVD provides a safe haven for canceled TV shows, like this edgy Fox animated sitcom.

RABBIT-PROOF FENCE (Miramax, PG) Three Australian half-caste girls escape a resettlement camp and trek 1,500 miles to rejoin their aboriginal mothers.

THE TRANSPORTER (Fox, PG-13) Frank Martin (Jason Statham) is a no-questions-asked delivery man who gets in deep ca-ca when he breaks his own rules.

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