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Madonna will explain video uproar on MTV special. She'll perform new songs and take questions from the audience

Madonna | MATERIAL GUEST Madonna hits the TV circuit
Image credit: Madonna: Glenn Weiner/Zuma Press/Newscom
MATERIAL GUEST Madonna hits the TV circuit

Was Madonna's antiwar ''American Life'' video just another attempt by the singer to generate controversy in order to drum up headlines? And was her yanking of the video before it ever aired a publicity stunt as well? Viewers may find out on April 22, when the Material Mom appears in an MTV special, ''Madonna: On Stage and on the Record,'' on April 22, the day her ''American Life'' CD is released.

The almost-live special (it will be taped at MTV's Times Square studio earlier in the day) will include an interview with the network's John Norris and a question-and-answer session with a studio audience, as well as concert performances of some of Madonna's new songs. Naturally, Topic A will be the video, which Madonna has said she shot in February, well before the war started (but when it was still an imminent event). Last week, she said she pulled it out of sensitivity to the troops, though it is still widely available online.

The MTV special is just part of a three-day TV blitz by Madonna, who's also scheduled to appear April 22 on NBC's ''Today'' and ''Dateline,'' and on CBS' ''Late Show with David Letterman.'' The next morning, she'll chitchat with Regis and Kelly on ABC's ''Live,'' and on April 24, she'll guest star as Karen's troublesome new assistant on NBC's ''Will & Grace.'' Hey, Madge, let us know when you show up on ''Trading Spaces.''

Originally posted Apr 09, 2003

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