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BEETHOVEN Estimated going price of Ninth Symphony original $3-4 million

RUSSELL CROWE Reported cost of the Gladiator's wedding $600,000

''ST. RUSSELL'S BASILICA'' Estimated cost to renovate Crowe's private chapel for the big day $240,000

SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE Amount awarded to Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Joern Utzon, designer of the landmark $100,000

DETROIT Maximum fine faced by radio station WKRK for allegedly airing lewd material during family-friendly hours $27,500

LIVE WITH REGIS AND KELLY What Andy Beckman received for beating 5,000 others to cohost with Philbin April 16 $10,000

GLOBAL VISION FOR PEACE Amount shelled out on eBay for Adrien Brody's ''Dove of Peace'' pin, worn on Oscar night $3,050

PHIL COLLINS Cost of a Swatch set designed by the musician $150

VEGAS.COM Internet offer for VIP Saturday-night entry into the Palms Casino hot spot Rain in the Desert $40

EASYCINEMA Starting next month, the cost for advance tickets at the British company's first multiplex 32¢

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