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Catch the Kid (2004)

Kristen Stewart, Catch That Kid | 'KID' STUFF Stewart and Corbin Bleu are bank robbers
Image credit: Catch the Kid: Richard Foreman
'KID' STUFF Stewart and Corbin Bleu are bank robbers

Details Release Date: Feb 06, 2004; Rated: PG; Length: 92 Minutes; Genres: Action/Adventure, Mystery and Thriller; With: Jennifer Beals, Sam Robards and Kristen Stewart; Distributor: 20th Century Fox Film Corporation

Director Bart Freundlich, whose last film, ''World Traveler,'' tackled a guy's early midlife crisis, does a 180 with this remake of the 2002 Danish caper ''Klatretosen,'' about a girl (''Panic Room'''s Kristen Stewart) who robs a bank to pay for an operation to save her father.

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