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The Legend of Suriyothai (2003)

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The Legend of Suriyothai | 'LEGEND' OF THE FALL Thailand's history unfolds in ''Suriyothai''
'LEGEND' OF THE FALL Thailand's history unfolds in ''Suriyothai''

Details Limited Release: Jun 20, 2003; Genres: Drama, Foreign Language, War; With: Piyapas Bhirombhakdi

We could describe this epic tale of war-torn romance in 16th-century Thailand, but instead we'll just quote its website, which promises ''archers atop elephants, bare-breasted amazon fighters armed with spears, and invading Burmese legions firing cannons.'' Awesome!

Originally posted Apr 17, 2003 Published in issue #706-707 Apr 25, 2003 Order article reprints