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A chat with the comics writer behind ''Daredevil'' -- Brian Michael Bendis talks about his work on a ''Spider-Man'' MTV pilot and getting acknowleged on ''Alias''

Brian Michael Bendis | SOLDIER OF 'FORTUNE' Bendis' other popular title was a critique of showbiz
SOLDIER OF 'FORTUNE' Bendis' other popular title was a critique of showbiz

Brian Michael Bendis writes some of the biggest titles in mainstream comics (''Daredevil'' and ''Ultimate Spider-Man'') as well as the most feistily independent, like the superhero deconstruction ''Powers''; the autobiography/critique of Hollywood ''Fortune and Glory''; and ''Alias,'' about a female superhero-turned-detective. All this, plus he wrote the pilot for MTV's ''Spider-Man'' cartoon premiering this summer, and ''Powers'' is being made into a movie with Frank Oz directing.

Baghdad had already been bombed -- in a recent issue of ''Powers.''
Yeah, and [given the publication lag,] I did it months and months ago. I didn't know the s--- was gonna hit the fan so quickly in real life.

Is there one unifying theme in all your work?
Probably this: control in a life that's spiraling out of control. In my version of ''Spider-Man,'' Peter Parker is a high schooler absolutely freaked out about his new powers. In ''Alias,'' Jessica gives up on the superhero life because she wants to do something more manageable, but being a PI presents its own set of uncontrollable elements.

Ever hear from J.J. Abrams, creator of ABC's ''Alias,'' about your ''Alias''?
Well, in one [episode], I got a shout-out: One of the characters was called Agent Bendis.

Lots of Hollywood execs loved ''Fortune and Glory,'' your autobiographical story of a screenwriter cracking the biz. Any sequel planned?
It would just be more of me whining about all the s---ty meetings I've taken. I do want to do a book about behind the scenes of Marvel Comics. Because it's every bit as wild.

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