The 5 Year Plan

Mark Valley

5 YEARS AGO ''I was shooting The Siege in New York. I was pretty starstruck seeing Denzel Washington. As an FBI agent, I didn't have any lines, except for like, 'We're checking that, sir.' Showing up on time -- that was basically the biggest responsibility.''

NOW ''I was living in London for seven or eight months on and off, shooting Keen Eddie. I started watching football -- their football. I started calling it football. It's soccer, you know? I was watching games and getting to know players, and I'm a fan now.''

5 YEARS FROM NOW ''I want to have a black belt in kung fu. I only have a green belt now. I want to be a close personal friend of Beck, Eminem, Owen Wilson, and Sheryl Crow. I don't even know if they know each other. Maybe I can introduce them.''


AGE 38 EXPERIENCE Days of Our Lives' Jack Deveraux (1994- 1997), Once and Again, The Siege CURRENT Star of Fox's Keen Eddie, debuting June 3 CIVIC ACTIVITIES 1st lieutenant, U.S. Army, in Gulf War I

Originally posted Apr 25, 2003 Published in issue #706-707 Apr 25, 2003 Order article reprints

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