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Wrong Turn (2003)

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Eliza Dushku, Wrong Turn | DELIVERANCE Dushku tries to make a quick getaway
Image credit: Wrong Turn: Rafy
DELIVERANCE Dushku tries to make a quick getaway

Details Release Date: May 30, 2003; Rated: R; Length: 85 Minutes; Genres: Horror, Mystery and Thriller; With: Emmanuelle Chriqui, Eliza Dushku, Desmond Harrington and Jeremy Sisto; Distributor: 20th Century Fox Film Corporation

A group of pretty young things (among them Jeremy Sisto and Eliza Dushku) make the titular directional error in the West Virginia wilderness, where they're soon set upon by -- you guessed it -- cannibalistic mountain men disfigured through years of in-breeding.

Originally posted Apr 17, 2003 Published in issue #706-707 Apr 25, 2003 Order article reprints