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'Criminal' Mischief

John C. Reilly, Diego Luna put stamp on heist film. They're remaking last year's Argentine hit ''Nine Queens''

Diego Luna, John C. Reilly | GOING POSTAL Reilly and Luna will pursue rare stamps in ''Criminal''
Image credit: Reilly: Lisa O'Connor/ZUMA Press/Newscom; Luna: Santiago Irigoyen/Notimex/Newscom
GOING POSTAL Reilly and Luna will pursue rare stamps in ''Criminal''

Now that his ubiquitous presence as a supporting actor has finally earned him an Oscar nomination, ''Chicago'''s John C. Reilly will finally have a rare leading role. According to the Hollywood Reporter, he's in talks to star in ''Criminal'' with Diego Luna (''Y Tu Mamá También''). Gregory Jacobs, the longtime first assistant director to Steven Soderbergh, will also step out of the supporting role to direct the movie.

''Criminal'' has a pedigree. It's a remake of the Argentine caper ''Nine Queens,'' which was a U.S. art house hit last year, with a screenplay adapted by Jacobs and Soderbergh. In ''Criminal,'' Reilly and Luna will play con artists who team up in a scam involving forged rare stamps, only to learn that philately will get you nowhere.

Luna, who had supporting roles in last year's ''Frida'' and Kevin Costner's upcoming ''Open Range,'' has a lead role in the ''Dirty Dancing'' prequel, ''Havana Nights,'' currently in production.

Originally posted Apr 21, 2003

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