A Fresh Tech On R&B

You Oughta Know About...Spacek

-- HOMETOWN London

-- DEBUT ALBUM Vintage Hi-Tech

-- MATHEMATICAL DESCRIPTION OF THEIR SOUND (Seal + A Tribe Called Quest) x Radiohead

-- WHY WE THINK YOU SHOULD BUY THEIR ALBUM To be relaxed, romanced, and reminded that today's R&B doesn't have to sound like today's rap. In fact, in the hands of the right tender-voiced technophiles, it doesn't even have to sound like R&B.

-- WHY THEY THINK YOU SHOULD BUY THEIR ALBUM ''There's no pretense,'' says producer Morgan Zarate, one third of a trio that includes singer/visionary Steve Spacek and instrumentalist Edmund Cavill. ''The songs are feel-based; we try to make music that's instinctive. It's new to us when we finish it, and that's how we know it's done right.'' Adds Spacek: ''There are no rules.''

-- WHY YOU'RE NOT HEARING THEM ON MAINSTREAM RADIO ''We're coming with a lot of uniqueness at one time,'' Zarate says. ''Both elements -- the way we do the music and the way we treat the vocals -- are fresh because that's how it feels right for us. Steve could easily sing a [radio hook]. It just doesn't come out that way. That's not how we approach it.''


-- WHY THEY THINK YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO THEM INSTEAD OF R. KELLY ''I don't know. Has he been found guilty?'' asks Zarate. Says Spacek: ''R. Kelly's always been around. We're just coming out now, so come check us.''

-- WHAT'S NEXT More touring, DJ sets, and ''hopefully,'' says Zarate, ''producing a few other artists from London.''

-- WHAT THEY'LL BE DOING IN 10 YEARS ''You see it quite a lot with a lot of artists, innovators,'' Spacek says. ''As time goes on I suppose the pay gets good and [their art] starts to fall by the wayside. It'd be nice if we're still hungry the way we are now.''

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