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Flying High Again

Jack Osbourne goes into rehab. Sharon and Ozzy check the 17-year-old into a drug-and-alcohol clinic

Jack Osbourne | LIKE FATHER... Osbourne enters rehab
Image credit: Jack Osbourne: Laura Farr/ZUMA Press/Newscom
LIKE FATHER... Osbourne enters rehab

According to his white hospital gown, he was patient 021042. You know him better, however, as Jack Osbourne. ''Entertainment Tonight'' reports that the 17-year-old reality star checked into Las Encinas Hospital's drug-and-alcohol rehab unit on Saturday. A witness told the show that Jack was last seen in the gown, hugging and kissing parents Ozzy and Sharon goodbye, in what the witness called an ''emotionally charged scene.''

It's not clear what addiction Jack might be undergoing treatment for, but on ''The Osbournes,'' he's often been shown with a drink in his hand, and has had Ozzy (who's struggled with substance abuse himself) confront him onscreen about his drug and alcohol use. Jack also joked at a press conference last year that he wanted ''to be on the cover of High Times magazine someday.''

How long will Jack be hospitalized for? Will his stay at the southern California clinic affect the upcoming third season of ''The Osbournes''? The family's publicist hasn't commented, and neither has MTV.

Originally posted Apr 29, 2003

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