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Miami Blues

''CSI'' nightclub-fire episode won't air in Providence. Local station will avoid Monday's ''CSI: Miami'' episode because of its similarities to real-life fire

An upcoming ''CSI: Miami'' episode hits too close to home for one Rhode Island TV station. WPRI-TV has decided not to air Monday's episode, in which Horatio and his team investigate a nightclub fire much like the one that killed 99 people in West Warwick, R.I., during a Great White concert, according to the Associated Press. Like the Feb. 20 real-life tragedy, the ''CSI: Miami'' fire is sparked by pyrotechnics.


''The episode contains some striking similarities to the tragic fire at the The Station nightclub,'' the TV station said in a statement. ''Out of respect for the victims, their families and the Rhode Island community, WPRI-TV will not air the episode.'' Nearly 200 people were injured in the blaze, which has led to an increased nationwide focus on concert and nightclub safety.

Originally posted May 02, 2003

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