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The somber, cybernetic chanteuse pop of EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL, MORCHEEBA, or PORTISHEAD, be sure to purchase LAMB's lush What Sound.

JILL SCOTT's deep-rooted righteousness but just can't resist MARY J's hip-hop drama, check out GOAPELE's Even Closer.

SEAN PAUL's bump-in-the-night dancehall reggae, get set to sweat to Greensleeve Records' ''X-rated'' Ragga Ragga Ragga! 2003 compilation.

Bopping along to the music while mastering MARIO KART or old-school DIG DUG, get a load of MINIKON's self-titled digital sugar-puff.

The Latin lean of rap acts like CYPRESS HILL and the BEATNUTS, check out Funk Superhero, the triumphant solo return of Funkdoobiest's SONDOOBIE.

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