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ADAPTATION (Columbia TriStar, R) A writer (Nicolas Cage) adapts an impossible book into a movie -- the film you see is the result. Kinda makes your head hurt....

DARK ANGEL SEASON ONE (Fox, unrated, DVD) James Cameron's sci-fi cult fave introduces us to a genetically enhanced ass-kickin' babe (Jessica Alba).

MAX (Trimark, R) A Jewish art dealer (John Cusack) tries to nurture a pre-Fuhrer Adolf Hitler's creative side.

MEDEA (Facets, unrated) Lars von Trier's adaptation of a Greek tragedy tells the story of a scorned woman willing to seek revenge -- at any cost.

STAR TREK: NEMESIS (Paramount, PG-13) The gang's all here for the 10th, and possibly last, cinematic voyage of the starship Enterprise.

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