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Feat of Clay

Conan plans all-claymation episode of ''Late Night'' -- The host and guests Johnny Knoxville and David Bowie will be played by Play-Doh figurines

Next Thursday's episode of ''Late Night With Conan O'Brien'' will look a little different from the usual talk-show rerun. Yes, it's a rebroadcast of an episode from last October, but all the people in it have been replaced by claymation figurines, the New York Post reports. You'll see a little clay Conan interview a clay Johnny Knoxville, David Bowie, and Richard Lewis, as well as perform an ''In the Year 2000'' routine with a clay Mr. T.

O'Brien announced the special episode during Wednesday's broadcast, showing the audience a photo of the clay Conan, its mouth frozen in an ''O,'' like ''Saturday Night Live'''s old Mr. Bill whenever he realized he was about to be crushed by a heavy object. Fortunately, no one gets smushed on this show, which took six months to animate.

''We kind of liked the idea of going to all this trouble just for a typical rerun of the show,'' head writer Mike Sweeney told the Post. ''It's just a new way to look at the same images, the same things that are on over and over every night for 1,700 shows. So it's a nice change of pace.''

Originally posted May 09, 2003

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