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Blade Runner

Blade Runner | FUTURE TENSE Ford navigates a scary 2019 in ''Blade Runner''
Image credit: Blade Runner: Everett Collection
FUTURE TENSE Ford navigates a scary 2019 in ''Blade Runner''

Why ''Blade Runner'' is one of the top 10 cult movies

Screw Han Solo and Indiana Jones; Harrison Ford was never cooler than when he was hunting replicants (like the one played by Daryl Hannah) in this future-shock noir. The setting: 2019 L.A., a neon hellhole where the rain barely ever lets up and threats are uttered in a babel of pidgin languages. In the middle of it all is Ford's gumshoe Rick Deckard -- a riff on Raymond Chandler's Marlowe, with the Lucky Strikes replaced by retinal scans. The constant? Knockout dames like Sean Young, whose bloodred kisses promise doom. Based on a Philip K. Dick story, ''Blade Runner'' is a classic that's as twisty as a Möbius strip.
SIGNATURE LINE ''Wake up. Time to die.''
ORIGINAL OR DIRECTOR'S CUT? The latter, which features a sequence that hints that our hero may be a replicant too.

Originally posted May 15, 2003

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