The Top Cult Movies

37 A BUCKET OF BLOOD (1959) Roger Corman

The creepy-cheesy Bucket follows busboy Walter Paisley, the laughingstock of the hipster joint where he works -- until he unveils his lifelike statues of dead men, women, and animals. We'll let you guess why they seem so real. SIGNATURE LINE ''I've never seen anything like it before...and I hope I never see anything like it again.''

38 THEY LIVE (1988) John Carpenter

With this goofy bit of sci-fi, Carpenter reached the height of subversive absurdity. ''Rowdy'' Roddy Piper plays a hard hat whose shades allow him to see that aliens have infiltrated society...until he suplexes their intergalactic butts into oblivion! Yeah!! SIGNATURE LINE ''I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass...I'm all out of bubble gum.''

39 THE BEST OF EVERYTHING (1959) Jean Negulesco

Long before Carrie Bradshaw strutted down Vogue's hallways, there was this sordid look at three women navigating a brutal sea of butt-pinching bosses. Robert Evans gives good sleaze, and Joan Crawford is perfect as a bitchy editrix. Mawkish, overlong, and too straight-faced...but campy as hell. SIGNATURE LINE ''Here's to men! Bless their clean-cut faces and dirty little minds!''

40 BARBARELLA (1968) Roger Vadim

The sexual revolution had memorable side effects, among them VD and Barbarella. But there's something endearing about watching a swingin' 41st-century Jane Fonda cavorting in plastic thigh-highs and trolling the galaxy in a fur-lined starship. It's even more remarkable when you consider Fonda turned down Bonnie and Clyde and Rosemary's Baby to make it. And make it she did -- with an angel! Just for that, this one gets its culty wings. SIGNATURE LINE ''I'd better adjust my tongue box.''

41 HEATHERS (1989) Michael Lehmann

Lethally black, hilariously nasty, and brutally honest about how much high school sucks, this anti-teen teen movie blew up the genre and provided the eternally useful retort, ''What is your damage?'' Winona Ryder and Christian Slater Bonnie-and-Clyde-ing their way through the in-crowd endures as giddy fun for anyone who has ever dreamed of offing that meathead in a varsity jacket. SIGNATURE LINE ''Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?''

42 RUSHMORE (1998) Wes Anderson

An oddball love triangle between a freakishly precocious 15-year-old, a widowed teacher, and a depressed tycoon, Rushmore is a movie that defies its eccentricities. The production is stagey, the dialogue stilted, and the performances gleefully deadpan, yet it is as tender and life-affirming a movie as the irony-drenched '90s produced. SIGNATURE LINE ''She's my Rushmore, Max.''


The hero was a scientist/surgeon/rock star. The villain was named Dr. Lizardo. Cultdom was the only way this flick could go. SIGNATURE LINE ''...No matter where you go, there you are.''

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