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Barry White suffers stroke -- The 58-year-old soul man is stricken while undergoing kidney dialysis

Barry White is feeling low. The deep-voiced soul man suffered a stroke on May 1, his daughter revealed in a press conference on Friday. The 58-year-old singer, who has been battling high blood pressure and kidney disease for the last few years, suffered impaired speech but should eventually recover enough to perform again, she said.

White, who announced last fall that he needs a kidney transplant, suffered the stroke while undergoing dialysis, daughter Shaheara said. ''My dad had surgery May 1 to place a catheter in his arm,'' she said. ''He had a stroke... that affected his speech and the right side of his body, but he is in great spirits.'' She called the stroke ''a minor setback'' and said, ''Have no fear, he'll be fine. He will definitely be performing again.''

Originally posted May 19, 2003

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