The 5 Year Plan

Justin Theroux


5 YEARS AGO ''I was doing a play called Shopping and F -- -ing, living in one of those toilet-in-the-hallway/bathtub-in-the-living-room tenements on the Bowery -- when the Bowery was still the Bowery. Now it's no longer to be feared. Bring the strollers!''

NOW ''In Full Throttle, I'm the ex-boyfriend that Drew's character put away for life who's managed to get out of prison. In a fight scene, I have my shirt off. I had to hit the Ab Roller and ThighMaster and get in as good shape as a 140-pound guy can.''

5 YEARS FROM NOW ''I want to ride across the country on my motorcycle. There is something classically American about getting on a bike, throwing a pair of underwear and socks in a bag with a bar of soap, and just riding.''




AGE 31 HOMETOWN Washington, D.C. CURRENT Brenda's neighbor Joe on Six Feet Under; Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle EXPERIENCE Mulholland Drive, Zoolander REFERENCES Ben Stiller, David Lynch, Paul Theroux (his uncle)

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