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INTERESTING WOMEN Andrea Lee (Random House, $13.95) ''Andrea Lee is the real thing,'' blurbs Philip Roth. ''There is nothing more to say.'' We'll add only that her accomplished story collection includes a tale not found in the hardcover.

THE EMPEROR OF OCEAN PARK Stephen L. Carter (Vintage, $14) Carter, a law professor at Yale, debuted big last year with this serious-lit Grisham, which fol-lows a law professor (write what you know!) investigating the death of his father.

MASTER OF THE SENATE: THE YEARS OF LYNDON JOHNSON Robert A. Caro (Vintage, $19.95) The third book in Caro's LBJ bio won the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award, and -- most impressively -- a spot on EW's Best of 2002 list.

STAY Nicola Griffith (Vintage Crime, $12.95) Aud Torvingen is a lesbian sleuth still mourning her lover's murder when she agrees to track down a friend's missing fiancee. That sets off a thriller that still makes time to delve into themes of loss.

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