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The Blues Brothers


The Blues Brothers

See the car chase scene in ''The Blues Brothers''

''Car's got good pickup,'' says Jake Blues (John Belushi) to his brother Elwood (Dan Aykroyd), as the Bluesmobile (a converted Dodge Monaco police cruiser) clears an open drawbridge. The renegade musicians leave a 106-mile trail of multiple pileups in their wake as they speed toward downtown Chicago. How did director John Landis manage to block off miles of downtown streets (so that stuntmen could race through them at 100 mph), drop a Pinto (the neo-Nazis' car) from a helicopter, and convince the city to let him drive a car through a crowd of pedestrians into the lobby of the municipal building at Daley Plaza? Maybe he really was, as Jake and Elwood repeatedly chant, ''on a mission from God.''
Originally posted Jun 06, 2003

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