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Kitty Porn

Sabrina's Salem takes a paws to consider Oxygen's Meow TV.

Once solely femme-focused, Oxygen has now launched Meow TV, the first show for felines and their hokey humanswith such treats as (cue hair-ball-hacking sound) Cat Haiku, ''Squirrel Alert'' chases, and tales from the ''Kitty Ford Clinic.'' We asked Sabrina, the Teenage Witch star Salem to sink his critical claws into episode 1.

So, Salem, what did you think? Catnip for the eyes and ears?

When did cats become the domain of lonely women? We're hunters, we're athletic, we're vengeful! They lost me with the ''Let's Get Spayed/Neutered'' songs. I'll stick with watching floating lint.

Whoa, harsh. Well, what's your take on host Annabelle Gurwitch and her kitty cohost?

Annabelle clearly has contempt for Stinky. Witness the moment she wraps tuna in a foil ball and throws it at him. Any cat lover knows you use tinfoil to keep your cats off a surface. The only thing ''Stinky'' about the cat is his lot in life.

Surely something must have made you purr.

The cat yoga got my motor running. I can finally cancel my subscription to the Spice Channel.

And what if they asked you to guest-star?

I'd rather work with KITT, the talking car from Knight Rider.

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