Sound Bites

Sound Bites

''Andrew Firestone of The Bachelor and winner Jen Schefft have only been together for a few days, but they're already talking about having children. Firestone says they'll try for triplets and then he'll pick the best one.'' Conan O'Brien on Late Night

''I'm not happy with my hair. I look like an albino prostitute.'' Robin, after her black hair was dyed light brown, on America's Next Top Model

''I didn't understand Robin's assertion that her hair made her look like a prostitute. But then again, I'm not really familiar with prostitute trends.'' Elyse, another contestant on America's Next Top Model

''I've never cared more about something I couldn't care less about.'' Jimmy Kimmel, discussing the outcome of American Idol, on Jimmy Kimmel Live

''French prison? What's that like--no wine?'' Dave Attell, to a European ex-con, on Insomniac

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