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What scares Destiny's Child's Kelly Rowland? The singer turned actress admits to having some childhood issues when it comes to freaky flicks

Kelly Rowland, Freddy vs. Jason | SCARE TACTICS Freddy (Englund) apparently likes independent women (Rowland)
Image credit: Freddy Vs. Jason: James Dittiger
SCARE TACTICS Freddy (Englund) apparently likes independent women (Rowland)

FREDDY VS. JASON Maybe she's not such a survivor: Looks like Kelly Rowland's destiny now lies in the razor-sharp hands of Freddy Krueger (''Nightmare'' vet Robert Englund). On Aug. 15, the Grammy winner makes her film debut as Kia, a dream-deprived Elm Street teen caught up in a demonic duel between the scar-faced cranky-pants and hockey-masked Friday the 13th bad camper Jason Voorhees (Ken Kirzinger). ''The funny thing is that I'm the biggest scaredy-cat,'' says Rowland, 22. ''On set, I couldn't watch or hang out with Jason because his mask was just too freaky.... I must have old childhood issues.''

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