IT Set Designer

AGE 34
WHY HIM? After earning a rep as a concept illustrator for his work on The Matrix Reloaded and Planet of the Apes, the British-born Dyas leaped into production design with the little indie gem, X2. Yup, those eye-popping sets were the work of a first-timer.
THINGS TO LOOK FOR Dyas cooked up X rays of Deathstrike's claws (showing how those stiletto nails retract into Kelly Hu's hands) and circus posters for Nightcrawler (Alan Cumming) to hang on his wall. ''I basically put digital shots of Alan into these period illustrations.''
NEXT Director Terry Gilliam's Euro-fantasy Brothers Grimm.

IT Ex-Teen Crush

AGE 31
WHY HIM? The Princeton alum has graduated from teen hottie on The WB's Popular and ABC miniseries Dinotopia to adult heartthrob.
CAR TROUBLE ''After Popular, I was waiting at a traffic light in L.A., [and] a horde of teenage girls spotted me in my '85 Toyota Corolla. They crowded around my car, grabbing through the windows. You know [Six Flags'] Wild Safari? It was like that.''
NEXT The Human Stain with Nicole Kidman.

IT Import

AGE 18
WHY HER? You may not know who Kuriyama is -- although that means you haven't rented Battle Royale yet; to the video store, please -- but when Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill hits theaters this fall, you sure will. As an assassin named Go-Go, the Japanese actress bashes heads and practically steals the movie's big showcase action scene.
ROLE MODEL ''In junior high I most admired [Japanese star] Yasuko Matsuyuki. Now I want to be the actress that everyone else wants to become.''
ON SECOND THOUGHT ''Ooh, but I really like Audrey Hepburn.''

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