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The 5 Year Plan

Meet Samantha's new boy toy on ''Sex and the City.'' Jason Lewis talks about his past, his present, and what he hopes for the future

Jason Lewis | WHAT'S UP DAWG? Lewis takes his two ''babies'' for a ride
Image credit: Jason Lewis Photograph by Erin Patrice O'Brien
WHAT'S UP DAWG? Lewis takes his two ''babies'' for a ride

AGE 32
HOMETOWN Los Alamitos, Calif.
CURRENT ''Sex and the City''
EXPERIENCE ''Elite,'' ''The King's Guard,'' ''Beverly Hills, 90210''; modeling for Versace and Tommy Hilfiger
REFERENCES His two Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Knuckles and Beqa

5 YEARS AGO ''It was a kick-around phase. I was living in Malibu. I'd throw my dogs in the car and drive somewhere -- Red Rock in Las Vegas or into the redwoods.... I've done so many trips with them. They're my babies and I love the hell out of them.''

NOW ''I play a simple guy, an aspiring actor/waiter who gets entangled with Kim Cattrall's character, Samantha. As far as where it goes from there, I don't think I can say much. I've been told that as long as the sex is good, I get to stick around.''

5 YEARS FROM NOW ''I've done a lot of travel, but not that much in the East. I'd love to take five months and backpack across Southeast Asia. I had the opportunity to go to Thailand and Thai massage is friggin' great, so it would have to start there.''

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