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Hawn of Plenty

Kate Hudson, Chris Robinson are having a baby. The couple's publicist won't say when Goldie Hawn's grandchild is due

Kate Hudson | BAND AID Hudson and Robinson will be parents
Image credit: Kate Hudson: Lisa O'Connor/ZUMA Press/Newscom
BAND AID Hudson and Robinson will be parents

Goldie Hawn will be able to crow over a grandchild soon. Daughter Kate Hudson and her husband,  Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson, are expecting their first child, according to the Associated Press. The couple's publicist didn't reveal the child's sex, or exactly how far Hudson is along in her pregnancy. He did tell AP that the baby is due early next year.

The revelation of the pregnancy neatly coincided with Friday's release of Hudson's new movie, the tepidly reviewed ''Alex & Emma,'' which costars Luke Wilson. Also Friday, Robinson's publicist issued a press release announcing that he will be the opening act on an Elvis Costello tour, beginning July 7. But don't worry about him leaving Hudson alone: The outing lasts only 12 days.

Originally posted Jun 20, 2003

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