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In the Dark

Man pleads guilty to staging fake Bjork show. Aleso Conate admits to a grand theft charge after selling tickets to a nonexistent club concert

It's official: Trying to bilk Björk fans doesn't pay. Aleso Conate, 24, pleaded guilty Monday to a grand theft charge after selling numerous tickets to a supposed small-club concert by the Icelandic alterna-diva, according to the San Diego district attorney's office. The Jan. 15 concert, at a local gay club called The Flame, didn't happen, and it turned out Björk had never been booked to appear.

Conate was reportedly arrested in Hawaii early this year after fleeing there, apparently after ticketholders got wind of the scam. He's already served several months in jail, which the judge will take into account when sentencing him July 22. And for the record, Björk really will be coming to California (albeit San Francisco) for an Aug. 8 gig. We think.

Originally posted Jun 24, 2003

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