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The 5 Year Plan

What Regina King finds shocking about ''Legally Blonde 2.'' And where she sees herself in five years

Regina King | DANCE WITH ME King explains why she finds the flamenco dance sexy
Image credit: Regina King Photograph by Justin Stephens
DANCE WITH ME King explains why she finds the flamenco dance sexy

AGE 32
HOMETOWN Los Angeles
CURRENT ''Legally Blonde 2,'' ''Daddy Day Care''
NEXT ''Unchain My Heart: The Ray Charles Story'' with Jamie Foxx
EXPERIENCE ''Boyz N the Hood,'' TV's ''227''
REFERENCES Tom Cruise, Jackée

5 YEARS AGO '''Jerry Maguire' had been out for like a year. I'd been complimented for my work in John Singleton's films, but they were black films. 'Jerry Maguire' just took it all to another level. I was able to audition for bigger movies.''

NOW ''In 'Legally Blonde 2,' I'm kind of the nemesis of Reese Witherspoon's character, who comes to Washington to get a bill passed. Her looks and her way of doing things are, to say the least, shocking to me. Eventually I have to applaud her, uh, originality.''

5 YEARS FROM NOW ''I'll be in Spain speaking Spanish. I have a good accent, I can read fluently. I know how to roll the r's. One thing I love about Spain is the sexy flamenco dance. It's so sensual -- and yet they're fully clothed.''

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