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Kutcher joins Dunst in new Cameron Crowe comedy. They'll find romance during a lavish funeral in ''Elizabethtown''

Ashton Kutcher | LOVE AND DEATH Kutcher joins Dunst in Crowe comedy
Image credit: Ashton Kutcher: Lionel Hahn/Abaca Press/Newscom
LOVE AND DEATH Kutcher joins Dunst in Crowe comedy

Busy Ashton Kutcher was supposed to star opposite Kirsten Dunst in the new M. Night Shyamalan chiller ''The Woods,'' but she dropped out of the ''Signs'' filmmaker's project to star in the upcoming Cameron Crowe comedy ''Elizabethtown.'' Now, however, it looks like Kutcher will be joining her there as well. According to the Hollywood Reporter, he's now attached to the ''Vanilla Sky'' director's latest, which will shoot briefly this October, then break before a longer shoot early next year.

''Elizabethtown'' is reportedly an ensemble comedy in the vein of Crowe's ''Singles,'' but built around a romance, à la ''Jerry Maguire.'' (Tom Cruise, who starred in both ''Vanilla'' and ''Jerry,'' will be a coproducer of the DreamWorks/Paramount movie.) The protagonists fall in love against the backdrop of a Southern patriarch's ridiculously lavish funeral. Jane Fonda has been reportedly angling for a role in the picture, which could mark the end of her 14-year retirement. It's not clear, however, if Kutcher's signing means he'll also have to take a hike from ''The Woods.''

Originally posted Jul 10, 2003

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