One Tough Mother

Angelina Jolie
Image credit: Angelina Jolie: Corbis

''I'm a mother now,'' says Jolie. ''Which is a lot wilder and more dangerous than anything I was doing as a teenager. My life has actually gotten more wild. It's just not as chaotic and disorganized anymore. It's more adult, with responsibilities.''

Jolie won't say it in so many words, but those responsibilities may have been the very thing that pulled her marriage apart. Raising his-and-hers llamas on a farm in Missouri was one thing, but raising orphans and saving the world might not have been as high on her husband's to-do list. ''We grew differently,'' she says of the divorce. ''We changed. We had a happy and silly time. We were friends who loved each other. But now I understand that love is not just having someone you can laugh and have fun with. You also have to have the same morals and the same goals in life.'' (Not that she's found that sort of love yet, either: ''I'm sure someday I'll take a lover, but right now I'm not seeing anybody,'' she says, denying tabloid reports that she's been rubbing more than elbows with Nicolas Cage, Kiefer Sutherland, and even her first husband, Jonny Lee Miller.)

Still, some things about Jolie never change. She continues to collect knives, for instance. ''In fact,'' she announces, ''I'm starting to collect them for Maddox.''

(This is an online-only excerpt from the cover story of Entertainment Weekly's July 18, 2003, issue.)

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