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A peek at the film continuing Jim Henson's legacy -- The late Muppet master's company is working on ''Mirrormask,'' a fantasy about a circus performer

Gina McKee, Stephanie Leonidas, ...
Image credit: Mirrormask: TM & © Jim Henson Co. Inc

Children of the '80s should fondly recall ''Labyrinth'' and ''The Dark Crystal,'' Jim Henson's moody cinematic forays. Now the late Muppeteer's company has tapped writer Neil Gaiman (the ''Sandman'' comics) and director-illustrator Dave McKean for a Muppet-free feature (due in 2004) about a circus performer, Helena (Stephanie Leonidas), caught between kingdoms of light and dark. Here, Dark Queen Gina McKee ponders Helena's fate. Gaiman reports that postings on his website have been lively: ''Somebody said this couldn't be at all like 'Labyrinth' because it didn't have the bulge in David Bowie's trousers.''

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