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Jimmy Fallon joins Queen Latifah in ''Taxi.'' He'll play a cop who enlists Latifah's cabbie to help him solve a string of bank robberies

Jimmy Fallon is a driven performer. In fact, he'll be driven all over the place by Queen Latifah in his next movie. According to the Hollywood Reporter, he'll costar in ''Taxi,'' an action comedy shooting in September under the direction of Tim Story (''Barbershop'').

A remake of a 1998 French movie produced by Luc Besson (''La Femme Nikita''), ''Taxi'' stars Latifah as a cabbie who helps a young cop (Fallon) solve a string of bank robberies. The French movie spawned two sequels; Besson is producing the American version as well.

Fallon, who returns to the ''Saturday Night Live'' news desk this fall, will be seen in September in Woody Allen's ''Anything Else.'' Latifah will appear in November's sequel to ''Barbershop'' (not directed by Story) to set up a hairstylist character who'll be at the center of a spinoff movie, ''Beauty Shop.''

Originally posted Jul 18, 2003

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