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Now Ruben really is a velvet teddy bear. Fans can buy stuffed plush toys inspired by the ''American Idol'' winner

Does Gladys Knight get a commission? She's the one who, when she was a celebrity judge on ''American Idol,'' dubbed future winner Ruben Studdard ''the Velvet Teddy Bear.'' Now, you can actually buy Ruben-inspired velvet teddy bears. According to the New York Post, merchandiser Applause is marketing two versions of a stuffed Studdard bear that, like Ruben, wears a newsboy cap and a big T-shirt (it says ''Ruben,'' not ''205'').

The bears come in two sizes, a 15-inch plush toy that will retail for between $15 and $19, and a 7-inch model that will go for about $7.50. Applause, which also makes Winnie the Pooh, Raggedy Ann, and Snoopy merchandise, will release the bears in September.

Originally posted Jul 22, 2003

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