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Alyson Hannigan

Alyson Hannigan
Image credit: Alyson Hannigan: Jeffrey Mayer/; American Pie 2: Universal

What ''American Pie'''s Alyson Hannigan has been up to

AGE 29

'PIE' CHARACTER Michelle Flaherty, the marching band member with an, um, creative use for her shiny foot-long flute. She wins Jim's heart -- and his ring -- in ''Wedding.''

CLAIM TO FAME A child star in commercials for McDonald's, Six Flags, and Oreos, Hannigan first earned fans in 1997 as vampire-slayer Buffy's trusty TV galpal Willow Rosenberg. Two years later, her infamous ''American Pie'' line made multiplex audiences blush and guffaw in the same instant: ''This one time, at band camp...''

WHAT'S NEXT Hannigan's few movie forays outside ''Buffy'' have been -- how can we put this kindly? -- unmemorable (Biggs' ''Boys and Girls'' is one example). Now that her series has ended -- and with no movie or TV roles lined up -- she finds herself at a career crossroads. Will she emerge as the lovable star of a new network sitcom, or as a footnote on ''Buffy'''s ''E! True Hollywood Story''? We're betting the former.


Originally posted Jul 24, 2003

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