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'Dangerous' Tactic

Just when it seems they've tried it all, a movie studio takes a new marketing tack: guilt. When it came out last December, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind seemed to have everything going for it. Yet George Clooney's directorial debut wasn't much of a draw, and the movie, about Gong Show host Chuck Barris' supposed secret-agent days, grossed a dangerously low $15.9 million. Still, Miramax isn't giving up. The studio is rereleasing Confessions Aug. 15 (about a month before the DVD release) in NYC and L.A., and newspaper ads will read: ''Every once in a while audiences overlook even the best of movies.... You owe it to yourself to see the film Gene Shalit calls an 'unbelievable pleasure!''' What's next, begging? -- Josh Young

Jermaine says Jackson 5 -- including Michael -- to reunite ...


Jermaine says Jackson 5 -- including Michael -- to reunite ... Woody Allen's Anything Else to open Venice film fest 8/27

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