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1 CAMERON DIAZ Someone's threatened to release racy pictures of her unless she pays an outrageous sum for the negatives. Don't pay it, Cameron, don't!

2 LARA CROFT TOMB RAIDER 2 More women might get into archaeology if they weren't required to wear sprayed-on silver spandex body stockings to work.

3 MADONNA She's agreed to do a stint as a spokesperson for the Gap. Yeah, we run into her in there all the time.

4 ANN LANDERS' REPLACEMENT Okay, if you're asking a columnist for advice, the answer is you need better friends.

5 BILL CLINTON The former Prez is compiling a cookbook with recipes from famous friends. ''Tell the cook how many people are coming to dinner. Go play golf until ready.''

6 KILL BILL Quentin Tarantino's ultraviolent film will be cut into two parts to avoid editing. The solution came to him during a knife fight with producer Harvey Weinstein.

7 RETOUCHED BY AN ANGEL J. Lo had her famous butt reduced on the poster of her new film, Gigli. Why is it on the poster? Does it have a speaking part?

8 SEABISCUIT The story of an unlikely jockey and an unlikely horse who become racing legends. It's so inspirational -- sniff -- it makes you want to gamble away the rent money.

9 SPY KIDS 3-D Since no one else seems to be able to do it, two precocious kids have been sent to fact-check the President's next State of the Union address.

10 DIVA LAS VEGAS Elton John is considering doing a semi-permanent show a la Celine Dion in Sin City. His twist: He wants to do something where each song sounds different.

Full House redux! John Stamos gets new show for '04 ... Harry


Full House redux! John Stamos gets new show for '04 ... Harry Potter's film home fails to meet 400K minimum at U.K. auction

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