The 5 Year Plan

Kid Rock

What happened to that ''Blue's Clues'' guy? Find out -- Steve Burns has a new CD and a movie on his slate

Steve Burns
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AGE 29

HOMETOWN Boyertown, Pa.

CURRENT His CD, ''Songs for Dustmites,'' drops Aug. 12

EXPERIENCE Hosting Nickelodeon's ''Blue's Clues,'' 1996-2002

NEXT The film ''Christmas on Mars''

REFERENCES Toddlers, Mr. Salt, babysitters everywhere

5 YEARS AGO ''The 'Blue's Clues' golden era had arrived.... I was consulting salt and pepper shakers made of felt, taking orders from a blue puzzle-solving puppy, cultivating a severe wardrobe disorder -- and loving it!''

NOW ''There were definitely moments when I would run into the next room so I could giggle maniacally, jump up and down, and clap my hands.... I mean, working with the Flaming Lips on my new album was like a dream come true!''

5 YEARS FROM NOW ''I'd like to assist on a deep-sea recovery effort. But I do intend to be making music, so I'll be doing an underwater tour of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge -- that giant mountain chain -- playing for my crew and whatever else is down there.''

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