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The Company (2003)

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James Franco, Neve Campbell, ... | CAMPBELL AND FRANCO
Image credit: The Company: Matt Dinerstein

Details Limited Release: Dec 25, 2003; Rated: PG-13; Length: 112 Minutes; Genres: Drama, Musical; With: Neve Campbell; Distributor: Sony Pictures Classics

Robert Altman wasn't concerned about following up his acclaimed ''Gosford Park'' with another hit. ''If I took that stuff seriously, I'd have been out of business 25 years ago,'' he says. ''What interests me [is] jumping into the fog, doing something I've never done before.'' Like an ensemble picture about a ballet company. Neve Campbell, a dancer from the age of 6, had longed to make a serious dance picture but struggled to find a director comfortable with her not hogging the spotlight. “I didn’t want to play the prima ballerina,” says the actress, who triple-duties as costar, producer, and story cowriter. “I wanted the movie to be about a company, because most dancers don't feel there's ever been a film [about] their world.” But don't expect much of a story -- not even in Campbell's romance with James Franco, who plays a chef. ''I don't care for plotty things,'' says Altman. ''We took all the words out of the love story and did it like a ballet.''

The Killer Moment Campbell dances a strangely beautiful modern ballet called Blue Snake.

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